FSX Screenshots

I’ve used the Microsoft Flight simulator platform as my “go-to” sim for more than 30 years, and my current version is still FSX. The FSX screenshot collection splits into two main sections. The first section displays screenshots taken in 2013, reflecting addons I was using back then. Since that section is historical it is closed to further additions. The second section will be fluid, and I will continue to publish new screenshots using my current set up. This second section will be opened up as January 2020 progresses. New additions will be announced in the blog, so I invite you to sign up to be kept informed by email. Enjoy!

1. My original screenshot collection from 2013 (Collection closed)

  • Cessna 152 (Click HERE)
  • Piper 180 Cherokee (Click HERE)
  • Piper Tomahawk (Click HERE)
  • Andover (Click HERE)
  • Buccaneer (Click HERE)
  • Canberra (Click HERE)
  • Chipmunk (Click HERE)
  • Harrier (Click HERE)
  • Hawk (Click HERE)
  • Hercules (Click HERE)
  • Hunter (Click HERE)
  • Jaguar (Click HERE)
  • Jet Provost (Click HERE)
  • King Air (Click HERE)
  • Lightning (Click HERE)
  • Meteor (Click HERE)
  • Nimrod (Click HERE)
  • Phantom (Click HERE)
  • Tristar (Click HERE)
  • Tornado (Click HERE)
  • Tucano (Click HERE)
  • Typhoon (Click HERE)
  • Vampire/Venom (Click HERE)

2. FSX screenshots from 2020 onward – Coming soon!