Hello, my name is Kenneth J. Kerr, aka KJKSimmer!

I’ve been flight simming for more than 33 years. My first sim experience was on an old Amstrad computer in 1986 with a simple representation of the Harrier jump jet. Then, on a trip to the USA in 1987 I came across Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 and was hooked. The Microsoft franchise has been my go-to simulator ever since. (I still use a nine-year old copy of FSX!)

Although these days I am a hobbyist and reviewer, for a time I made my living in this industry. It was back in 1993 when I developed some of the first independent add-ons for the Microsoft platform. I read some early research into the structure of the 2d instrument panels, and then I began building them. I uploaded the first one to Compuserve’s flight simulation forum, and 3,000 people downloaded it. Shortly thereafter I went commercial with “Visually Incredible Panels”.

Later, a few designers started contributing corresponding aircraft, and eventually “The VIP Group” evolved. We had some of the first boxed products to be marketed by Just Flight (then called “The Associates” or “The Producers”), and also some of the first boxed products sold through PC Aviator. My company ran from 1994 to around 2001, and then for multiple reasons, it ceased operations and closed. Some of you may still have old copies of “VIP Classic Wings” gathering dust in your attic!

Well, that’s ancient history, but I have never left flight simulation as a hobby. I hate to think how many thousands of hours I have logged in the virtual skies in 33 years! Yes… It is an obsession isn’t it? So, maybe it is time to put together this website and celebrate it. Enjoy your visit!

Kenneth J. Kerr