The first post!

Welcome to where we celebrate the love of flight simulation.

In this first post, I want to simply tell you a bit about the site itself. There are several core areas of the site, and these include:-

  • Screenshots for FSX
  • Screenshots for Aerofly FS2 (AFS2)
  • FlightSim tips
  • Product reviews or features
  • The blog

All of these ares may be considered a permanent work-in-progress! There are already plenty of FSX screenshots imported from a site I created back in 2013, but other areas will need to play catch-up to get anywhere near the number of images there. For that reason I will focus on adding AFS2 screenshots over the next little while. When new images are added I will post an announcement in the blog. Please subscribe to it if you’d like to be kept informed by email.

The FlightSim tips section will be added to now and again. I do not consider myself an FS Guru, so I’ll simply add tips as and when I feel like it! I have begun this section by explaining how to add grass runways to AFS2 airports that are created with fsCloudPort.

Product reviews or features will include “re-prints” of reviews I am writing for as well as reviews unique to this site. There will be a steady drip of articles and features here.

No doubt I will add more pages as I think of them. For now, the focus will be on adding more screenshots, for these are truly the best way to showcase what flight simming is all about!

As for site navigation… On the desktop you will find the menu at the top of the page, just beneath the header image. Click any title in that menu to go to the page. On a mobile device you will see a black box icon to the top right of the screen, clicking on it brings a menu into view. Click on the menu items to go to the pages.

So, again welcome to the site, and remember to subscribe for updates!




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