Flight simulation is one of the most popular gaming genres on both desktop and mobile devices. And, while there are many casual users who indeed play with simplistic flight games, there is also a massive group of serious users, people for whom the mere mention of the word “game” is almost an insult.

Well, I am one of the latter group. In 33 years of simming I have amassed tens of thousands of hours of simulated flight time, and I do mean “simulated flight” as opposed to mere gameplay. Indeed, the use of a home-based flight sim program actually helped me in my real life pilot training back in 1994.

From the early days of flight sim to today, the technological evolution has been staggering. There are programs and addons to cater to every taste. Want to fly an airliner by the book for a virtual airline while using live ATC? Go for it. Is your taste to fly military combat missions in high performance fighters? It’s available. And if you just want to simulate the world of general aviation pilotage, that is also at your fingertips.

As a result of this diversity, there are no two sim pilots alike. They might use different base programs, employ diverse addons, fly from different airports, and approach the hobby with very different motivations and intended outcomes, whether for training or entertainment. And that has a bearing on this website too.

While this site is a celebration of flight simulation, it is intensely personal. It represents the kind of simming I like to do, and this is reflected in the products I have purchased, used, and featured herein. You might not find the kind of simming you do on this site, but if you love the genre as much as I do, you can celebrate with me regardless.

Enjoy your visit, and at times my historical reflection of my own flight simulation journey.

Kenneth J. Kerr